Real estate

Projects with numerous or even a small number of owners (“involuntary partnership”) who have rights to property is one of the most complex and sensitive issues in the real estate industry. Successfully navigating this course requires skill, creativity, experience and a holistic approach based on a clear vision of the big picture, on one hand, without sacrificing the personal interests of each individual owner. It further requires an understanding of additional fields such as engineering, real estate appraisal and architecture, as well as an ability to find optimal solutions that benefit multiple parties. It requires “legal engineers” with an entrepreneurial mindset, who can craft effective solutions and delve deeply into even the finest details.

Our office was the first in Israel to begin representing groups of landowners, while protecting their interests, which at times can be at odds with those of the other players involved, including legal counsel appointed directly by the court. A clear example of this is the “Big Block” (Hagush Hagadol) project in Tel Aviv, where our firm is the representative of the largest group of private landowners’ in the project for over 30 years.

Other significant and high-profile projects in which we are involved:

  • Hof Hatchelet, Herzliya Marina
  • H-500, Holon
  • Town Planning Scheme 3388 B (between the “Big Block” and “Azorei Hen”)
  • Town Planning Scheme 3700 in Tel Aviv
  • Kikar Hamedina
  • And many other diverse projects

In addition to our unrivaled experience with these types of projects, we specialize in real estate law, including >

  • Complex, large-scale real estate transactions in Israel and overseas
  • Combination transactions
  • Planning, construction and licensing proceedings – including representing clients when dealing with the various authorities and financial institutions
  • Acquisition groups
  • Urban renewal projects
  • Investment in income properties
  • Commercial real estate and office buildings
  • And more …….

When it comes to real estate, our role is solely to provide legal counsel, but to take an approach defined by strategic, business-based planning, while keeping sight of the full picture – of all the players that could affect the nature and desirability of the transaction. This includes, tax guidance, alternative investments, personal/family/corporate strategy, etc. designed to promote the client’s best interest and maximize their profit.