Commercial law

Whether it’s a multibillion-dollar acquisition or a small investment in a young start-up belonging to friends – when it comes to the most important transactions you will ever conduct, it’s not the time to compromise on quality legal and business guidance.

We believe that while anyone can be a legal technician and simply “recycle” a template agreement, engineering a deal requires special skill and the finesse to prepare a truly professional tailor-made solution. In addition to in-depth understanding of the legal issues, we also bring an entrepreneurial approach and creativity to every transaction or case in which we are involved. This is our added value to our clients. Thanks to our many years of experience, passion for our work and original thinking, we are able to provide our customers with an unprecedented and unparalleled level of service – anytime, anywhere.

Our client base includes companies, global corporations, businesspeople and entrepreneurs in fields as diverse as technology, media, traditional industry, hospitality, telecom, real estate, high tech, mobile, electronics, FOREX and textile.

We provide our clients with guidance on all facets of commercial law, including:

  • Guidance to high-tech companies at various stages – founders’ agreements, investment agreements, agreements with technology accelerators and incubators, securing funds from institutional and private sources, options agreements, guidance to entrepreneurs, investors and managers.
  • Consulting on compliance and anti-money laundering (the civil aspect) in various fields, while relating to changes and the local and international implications, specifically with respect to FATCA and CRS.
  • Management of negotiations on commercial contracts.
  • Intellectual property – licensing and development agreements, trademark registration, and more.
  • Marketing and distribution agreements.
  • Voluntary disclosure, guidance on personal and corporate tax planning.
  • Mergers and acquisitions.
  • Representation in work with banks, financial organizations and relevant government agencies.
  • Consulting on international operations by Israeli companies.
  • Establishment and management of trusts in Israel and overseas.
  • Privacy protection and information security, GDPR.
  • Tenders.