Ben-Yacov Law Firm

Our firm specializes in all major aspects of commercial law, with a focus on international and Israeli commercial law, fintech (including electronic money institutions), real estate, mergers and acquisitions, high tech, family office (including inheritance planning and intergenerational transfer), intellectual property protection, trusts, compliance (such as CRS, FATCA).

We believe that comprehensive and effective legal service integrates in-depth understanding of a multitude of fields, a very broad-based view and an approach that demonstrates the analytical skill, precision and ingenuity of a legal “engineer” and not simply the skill of a legal “technician.” We take great pride in the fact that we stand out in the local landscape of law firms. We approach every case we take by first developing an overall strategy that leverages our experience and extensive knowledge of a vast array of legal and financial fields, innovation, creativity and out-of-the-box thinking.

Our clients, past and present, include Israeli and global corporations, businesspeople, Krypto & Hitech entrepreneurs, high-net-worth families, large groups of people with property rights and many others.

We have earned a reputation for providing our clients with more than the narrow definition of legal services, but also with multinational and multisector business consulting – while offering availability 24/7, 364 days a year. We are proud of the passion for the work and commitment we have to our clients. Above all, we put ourselves in your position to ensure that we fully understand your thoughts and interests to provide you with the very best there is.