Miri Caspi

Advocate, Internal consultant to the firm

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  • Biography

    In 1976, Miri began working in the Customs and VAT Division (later to become the Tax Authority), where she established the Legal Department for special cases, which was involved in the largest tax scandals in the history of Israel – customs, VAT and money laundering.


    In 2008, she was appointed as the first level deputy to the legal counsel of the Tax Authority (criminal department), a position she held successfully until she retired from the Civil Service in 2012.

    Adv. Caspi is an expert in tax law – one of the most experienced in Israel. She brings with her many years of experience, a commitment to thoroughness and unparalleled familiarity with the tax and enforcement systems in Israel, which are leveraged for the benefit of our clients.

  • Education

    Faculty of Law, Tel Aviv University (LL. B)

    Licensed to practice law since 1975