Kokhav HaTzafon, Tel Aviv

Adv. Ami Ben-Yacov was among the first in Israel to advise and lead on self-development projects on land with multiple owners. From 1983 to date, Adv. Ben-Yacov has guided hundreds of landowners on an array of projects in the “Kokhav HaTzafon” neighborhood, which is spread out over a large area between Yarkon Park to the south and Shai Agnon Street to the north. When he became part of the process, Adv. Ben-Yacov lead a model of self-development transactions, wisely taking advantage of the economic as well as taxation benefits, in which the profit for the landowners was significantly higher than in what was then known as combination transactions that were standard and more common up until that time.

Even today, our firm continues to handle, advise and guide dozens of landowners on the construction of dozens of new residential units. The high-demand location of the neighborhood along with the creative development-business approach, in-depth understanding of a wide range of issues – including, appraisals, urban planning, architecture and more, and Adv. Ben-Yacov’s interpersonal skills are leveraged to bring a very large number of landowners together for a single purpose, all contribute to the success of our clients.