Hof Hatchelet, Herzliya

For the past 25 years, Adv. Ami Ben-Yacov has been advising private landowners with holdings in a vast area of about 2,200 km2 (Aprox. 545 Acre) in Herzliya.

The project presents special challenges such as being geographically separated from the center of Herzliya, a desire to maintain the delicate ecological balance of the area, protecting the values of nature while building public spaces and caring for assets for the benefit of the general public, and establishment of appropriate commercial, work and industrial areas, all require a creative, professional, in-depth and patient approach to the process.

Over the years, our firm has closely advised the owners on dozens of transactions and guided them in the zoning proceedings. Our firm takes special pride in our contribution to the decision of the Planning Committees to protect the rights of the various owners against harm from the principle of eminent domain applied for the construction of the Green Line of the Tel Aviv Light Rail – which was set out in Plan TTL\71c and lifted by plan HR/2200/B.

Even today, we continue to represent the owners as they grapple with the provisions of Herzliya’s General plan HR/2530, which are currently on the agenda of the Planning Committees.

We are proud of the thousands of residential units that have been built in neighboring areas under our guidance over the years and in our part in the success our clients have had maximizing their profit from ownership of the land.