The Big Block (“Hagush Hagadol”), Tel Aviv

In recent years, this project has been widely covered by the media due to the complex challenges it poses. These includes  the eviction of “Sde Dov” Airport, complexed planning and ecological considerations of building new neighborhoods while protecting the values of nature and environment, and at the same time protecting the justified interests of the numerous private landowners.

Adv. Ami Ben-Yacov represents a group of landowners that holds approximately 30% of all the rights in The Big Block. For almost 30 years, he has worked to promote this complex project and cut through all the red tape. He has achieved this by organizing the landowners, being involved in the design of the project, coordinating between the professionals working for the competent authorities, the architectural design plan and more.

The proceedings have lasted decades and seek to break up the shared ownership of the land, and given the circumstances, to do so as effectively and fairly as possible for the benefit of the landowners. Our objective was to enable landowners to organize in order to promote the planning and construction, so that a building could be built and registered as a condominium and so the units in the building could be assigned to the landowners, according to their proportionate share.

This agreed organization was designed to ensure the actual implementation of the project, to the extent possible, without any unnecessary delays. Today, we are proud witnesses to the hundreds of apartments built by our clients, who enjoy living in a new and modern neighborhood.

The area on which the buildings were constructed constitutes approximately 60% of the total area in The Big Block. Our firm continues to advise the owners on how to handle their rights in the western section of over 1,000 km2 in north Tel Aviv, part of which until recently served as Sde Dov Airport and is now scheduled for construction of 16,000 residential units along with dozens of buildings of stores, businesses, hotels, commercial areas, public buildings, offices, clinics and more.

Thanks to our professional and unique form of guidance, which includes the development of business-minded solutions, along with legal counsel, to date over 95% of the 3,600 residential units that have already been approved for construction have been built.

We are currently continuing to advise the landowners in the area, upholding the highest standards, for which we are known, and working to ensure that our clients benefit from an optimal yield.