Inbal Misgabi


"In our profession, excellence is not just an aspiration – but it has to be a given mindset. No matter which case or transaction you handle, you start strong and then pick up the pace".

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  • Biography

    Inbal specializes in real estate and property law – including real estate transactions, combination transactions, advising property owners in projects with multiple owners, purchasing groups, planning procedures, construction and licensing, commercial real estate and more.

    Inbal joined our firm after completing her internship in which she represented in cases of various fields and accumulated vast experience in court appearances, case management, legal research and more.

    Concurrent to her academic studies, Inbal combined practical legal work and social contribution while taking part in the socio-legal clinic for at-risk youth and accompanying them in legal proceedings, volunteering in the clinical setting and promoting socio-legal projects, etc.

  • Education

    College of Management Academic Studies, Law (LL. B).

  • Internship

    Sahar, Stowitzky & Co. Law Firm